Tuesday, February 6, 2007

International Game Developers Association opens a chapter in Winnipeg!

Written By Thomas Rab
From the International Game Developers Association-Winnipeg web site

The Winnipeg IGDA Chapter kicked open its doors for the first time on February 6th, 2007. The Inaugural Meeting was a blast, Josiah Pisciotta of Chronic Logic LLC was there to start things off with a talk on indie game development. Also speaking during the evening were Doug McCartney (STEM), Kristine Seier (CTT) and Dr. Jose Rueda (Fortune Cat Games Studio), with each bringing focus on different opportunities available to developers in Winnipeg. Others such as Randy Dueck and Stefan Isfeld (OgreForce), Kenley Kristofferson (Dragonfly Toys) and Oleg Kononov (U of M's CSSA President) attended the event. The night ended with some schmoozing and boozing!

See a video of Made in Manitoba games. (25 MB)

Learn more about at www.igda.org/winnipeg/

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