Sunday, November 25, 2007


See photos of Minister Jim Rondeau's talk in Hong Kong at I provided Mike Boyd of Fortune Cat with a DVD of Minister Rondeau's talk in Hong Kong for those of you interested. His talk was about the video games industry in Manitoba and Manitoba's global competitiveness. If anyone is interested in learning more about opportunities in Hong Kong please drop me a line (jobs, partners, outsourcing, training).

Game on.

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J.A. Rueda

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Lee said...

With the almost surreal amount of activity in this space going on in Hong Kong, I'm glad to hear that the Minister made a trip directly to the heart of the next wave in our exciting industry.

Hong Kong will bring dreams to life, and Manitoba is filled with such dreams. Great to see such a friendly hand stretching out across the ocean, mountains, and prairies to tap in to some of our spirited energy. Game on, indeed!

gwen said...

What has your organization produced or what have you graduated from your incubator?